Promoting Public Transport




The pleasure and the tranquility of doing nothing!!!!
When was the last time you experienced that. I remember with nostalgia how the pre mobile pre-laptop journeys by train used to give me those. Especially the one from Chennai to Delhi and other long distance ones. Every one of such journeys was something i always used to look for. That used to be a golden opportunity to just sit idle, to look inside myself rather than at a screen. The only screen i used to look at was the one outside my window. Those scenes kept changing along with my thoughts. My scenes, my thoughts, my train and myself just the four of us. It was a beautiful experience. I miss that experience.

Last week i created a short version of that experience for myself. Given the uncertain schedules that my job poses, i usually go by road to review the highly successful zero waste beacon municipality project of Varkala. This time to orient our new interns on waste management we all went together by train.

This is not the first time I travel for work by train. I have always preferred this mode. First and foremost for the safety it offers. It is still the one of the safest modes of transport. Then the comfort. But now for climate change. 

Be it a bus, train or shared car…. We always find reasons not to use public transport. For example, no last mile connectivity..
.. Well walk a bit it is good for health. If sun is scorching..double 
bonanza Get a dose of vitamin D and save yourself from arthritis later.

No time… Yes, many of us hard pressed for it including myself. But I always wonder where are we running all the time. Scandinavian countries have adopted this go slow movement. Nothing will happen if we slow our life a bit. The earth will still be there. Let us make a little bit time to enjoy certain things that our earth offers us. Those who can should try this. 

But above all we need to promote public and eco-friendly transport as much as possible because according to WHO Global air pollution database( 2018) ,India tops world in bad air quality. Guys,its time to think of a shift from Private to Public transports.

Public transit can produce significantly less air pollution per passenger than a standard car carrying a single driver.Buses emit 20% less carbon monoxide, 10% as much hydrocarbons and 75% as much nitrogen oxides per passenger mile than an automobile with a single occupant.It can curb traffic congestion and saves energy too.

Why can’ t we bring a change?? “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together, while it may seem small, the ripple effect of small things is extraordinary”.

Together , we can hold hands to create fresh air for ourselves and for our kids and do our bit for a sustainable tomorrow.


Dr. K. Vasuki IAS

District Collector, Thiruvananthapuram
Mentor, CPower5

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